Everyday Vikram Deol drives people to excel, achieve their dreams, set big goals, and reach their highest potential in a safe space. He motivates entrepreneurs to thrive in both their business and personal life by helping build resilience and cultivating a leadership mindset to run a thriving business that’s successful, impactful, and liberating.

He came up with the idea of Be Real after a few years of deep personal growth and discovery. He realized in 2018, he was living a masked life and was unable to actually look himself in the mirror. He wanted to and has created a platform for his guests and himself to share their truth and their authentic selves. You get to share your story in a safe way without judgement, so you can inspire others to find their voice and strength.

Vikram is a serial entrepreneur turned business coach and consultant. He is passionate about helping businessmen and women scale and reproduce themselves to become ambitious achievers with booming businesses. He’s coached clients all over the world and has helped them make intentional and inspired decisions that lead to massive growth. Regarded as a thought leader and thought provoker, he asks questions that force you to think and grow outside of your comfort zone.
Even though he believes his life lessons have taught him more than anything, Vikram has an MBA from California State University and a Bachelor of Science from University of California Irvine. He owned one of the nation’s top producing real estate teams, which he built from the ground up. His team, TDG, sold over $250 million in real estate in just 6 years.

He is a conscious leader and host who is always looking to give back to his community. Vikram’s hunger for knowledge and growth has led him to be who he is today.

He appreciates you taking time to send in this application and even for applying to be a guest. It is an honor and flattering that you would want to be apart of his Real movement.

If you are a coach, please put your niche as he gets 3-4 coaches a week who want to be on, and making sure to get the right coaches for the right times is very important to him. 


Podcast Application

Thank you for your interest in joining me for an episode of Be Real!

What do you currently do for work?

Would you consider yourself to be successful?

What was the worst thing you've been through or your rock bottom?

How did you overcome this challenge?

Rate your mindset (1 - 10)

Why do you feel your story could inspire someone else?

If you are chosen, would you pay a small marketing fee of $100, so we can get your episode out to more listeners? This fee is just to cover marketing costs and all will be used to promote your episode plus more from me :)?

If chosen by Vikram and Be Real team, do you have a good camera, internet setting and a quiet place? We record both audio and video.

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• We record 1-2 days a month but can try to accommodate special requests
• We record via Zoom. For tech questions and assistance, feel free to email our team at
• Episodes are 45-60 minutes. We request 90 minutes for overages and to get to know Vikram prior to recording for a few minutes.
• On average, we're several weeks ahead of schedule, so your episode will not release for several weeks (approximately 4-6 weeks) after recording. We will notify you once it is live.
• We aren’t interested in just discussing your new book or service/product (however, we will absolutely include it and share it to our audience), we want real advice and inspiration for our listeners.
• We will discuss inspirations, truths, ups and downs, and we want you to be raw and authentic.
• You need to have a decent microphone and headphones to record and good internet connection, so we can high quality audio and video. Also, please be in a quiet and private space.
• We want you to be ready to share it all for our audience.
Please leave a review and 5 star rating for Be Real with Vikram Deol on Apple as well so we know you are serious about being a guest

NOTE: You don’t need to be a Millionaire or Billionaire. You have to be willing to share your story authentically and be "Real". Vikram will reach deep to get you to share your deepest darkest secrets to help others know that they are not alone. If this isn't for you, it is ok. We want guests who are ready to share it all.

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