Vikram Deol was born in a traditional Indian home with Indian values. AKA Get good grades, don't get in trouble, always behave and do the right thing... Luckily for him and you, he was also somewhat of a rebel.

Although, he was a good boy, most of the time, his drive to succeed and earn got him started on his entrepreneurial path much earlier in life than his cohort. 

As a young boy and teen, he would find odd jobs to do, he would wash cars at family gatherings from 6am -12 and earn 100's of dollars. He taught himself how to shampoo, to wax, to detail and more to earn more money.  

He learned to garden to make money.

He watched up to 4 young kids at once (not sure he was ready) to make extra money.  

He didn't love money as much as he loved creating with his mind and hands, earning and feeling like he was helping.  

He recalls a story where his aunt took her red mustang in to sell. She was offered 8K. After, Vikram detailed the car, washed, waxed, shampooed the carpet, cleaned the engine etc she was offered $4,000 more the next day.  

Vikram learned by adding value, you can make a lot of money, that wash earned him a few $100 dollars vs his normal 80, because it got his aunt more $$! 
In 1999, Vikram got a taste of his first business. Although in high school, he helped his parents run their pizza restaurant, his first business was in 1999 when he got a job working for Vector Marketing selling Cutco knives. 

He learned time management, power of prospecting, learning scripts, learning about the product and how to run his own business at 17.

At 18, he went on to becoming the youngest branch manager for Cutco and recruited 47 sales reps who held the highest average production of any rep that summer of 2000.

It was here that Vikram knew that he loved teaching people how to be successful as much as he loved being successful himself. 

That summer at 18 would be the starting point of all his businesses.

To teach others how to be better than he was. 
After a few years in the wireless industry, Vikram sold his cell phone stores and completed his MBA, got married and moved to Seattle to pursue his dreams in the middle of 2008 meltdown.

He was shown quickly the door to many potential jobs and realized that he was better off figuring it out.

He started to flip homes, sold Cutco knives and got his real estate license. He ended up selling a lot of homes in a short period of time and was generating more leads than he could or wanted to service. 

He knew building a team was going to allow him to meet his goals quicker and he thought I wouldn't be alone and it would be fun to have others around him.

His team quickly grew from an assistant to marketing, transaction managers, marketing managers, office managers etc. 

He grew an inside sales team to make calls all day long, he built a buyers team and a listing team.  

He was able to travel the world in 2017/18 with Tony Robbins as a platinum partner and many others 
Vikram learned a lot from Tony Robbins on happiness, joy and the meaning of fulfillment to himself. 

By studying so deeply after having so much failure and success, Vikram realized his calling wasn't to just sell more homes, but to teach agents and leaders how to make more money and find more fulfillment in their lives.

Vikram's journeys through life, having owned and operated 9 businesses, and never understanding why he still felt alone at night was due to his child hood and how he saw the world. 

Vikram uses his experiences going to a foreign country for boarding school in 6th grade, seeing his temple taken over by sworded radicalists, being raised in a very strict home, going through a very abusive marriage and making millions to losing it all to guide himself and his clients to make decisions that benefit today and tomorrow. 
When Vikram is not working, he is actively working on his personal health and wellness.

An avid cyclist, health nut and biohacker, you will find Vikram in one of his many contraptions or researching the latest health hacking device.

He regularly does ice baths, hyperbaric oxygen sessions, IV therapy and more. 

If you don't feel good, what's the point of having money? 

If you are ready to see how Vikram Conversion Model will help you create more Predictable, Profitable Growth in your business, you can schedule a quick jam session with his team and see if you are an excellent fit for his programs. 

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